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Prjectr is social network for sharing creative projects.

What is Prjectr?

Prjectr is my Final Year Project at University. It's a Ruby on Rails social networking application where people can share projects they are working on for others to follow and discuss. Projects can be short or long term but all consist of many updates that, over time, show the project's progression from start to finish.

The intention was to create a platform for people to document their projects such as car restoration, computer case design, electronics project or anything else they wish to create and share.

Why Prjectr?

The idea for prjectr came from my own sharing and reading of projects on forums but finding them really difficult to manage on that platform. Trying to be kept reliably up to date and read through projects on forums is quite tedious so I decided to have a go at solving the problems.


I made an image library system that integrated into a custom WYSIWYG editor. Clicking thumbnails places them into the free form text editor.

Is it ready for everyone to use?

Sort of, I guess I'd call it a beta but you can have a go :)


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